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Throughout Europe, search engine optimization (SEO) has for Google an outstanding importance - today this search engine serves about 95% of the European search market. For Russia, websites need to be optimized in addition to Google for Yandex.

OnPage-Seo: The important ranking criteria

A good website must especially meet important criteria: it should be found by search engines, such as Google, if the target group seeks relevant “keywords”, ie is doing targeted searches for your services. Best design of a website alone is useless if you can not find it simply. Therefore, it is first of all relevant to the success of your website to appear in the top search ranks, to address the audience and to attract customers.
To ensure this, the most important ranking criterion by Google & Co., is known as on-page search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to search engine optimization (SEO) within the site, so all adjustments and improvements to the site, that are performed directly on this. For example, on-page Seo summarizes the optimization of the content aligned to the keywords, which must be previously defined. These are the terms, your target scans to find you, or similar companies.
The professional design of meaningful headings, informative text and matching image descriptions and the internal pagelinks are parts of a winning on-page SEO.

One can say that especially the content, structure and logic of the website are the major on-page factors for success; layout and design, however, are more likely to be neglected.


Link building/OffPage-optimization

In addition to the on-page SEO, the so-called off-page optimization is also important for a successful search engine optimization. This refers to all measures for increasing the findability of your website, which are not directly converted on that. Thus, your ranking is strongly influenced by the quality and quantity of so-called “back links”. These are links from other websites that lead to your own. This is for instance useful when they are thematically similar sites that are not in direct competition with each other.

The strategic distribution of such backlinks is also known as link building. In addition, other involved factors are playing role for a successful search engine optimization: for example, the presence and interactivity in social networks. For example if you have many “Facebook Likes” you can quickly communicate directly and transparently with customers and thereby build confidence. Basically, it applies to the off page optimization to pay particular attention to quality.

You should avoid, for example, to buy “carelessly” as many backlinks on external sites that do not represent a thematic overlaps with your business or your offer. We are happy to advise you on measures to be taken or assume these altogether. Talk to us – we look forward to your inquiry.

Improve ranking with Video SEO

Video-SEO refers to uploading videos for expample on YouTube, to “attract” more visitors and at the same time to improve your Google ranking. This type of search engine optimization is becoming more and more popular and therefore offers enormous market potential.
Videos have the advantage that complex relations for the target group are summarized fast, simple and understandable. This saves not only time in the addressing, but also provides a real value-added content and can cause a “filter”, significantly increasing the quality of the target group. One of the key success factors for a promising video-SEO is therefore the catchy research of the relevant keywords. The more precisely you “filter” in advance in terms of who should ever find you, the more attentive is your target group dedicated to you and your offer. Thus you should definitely choose a descriptive title, which of course contains the most important keyword and informative descriptions to convince the target audience.

Not only the “click rate” is a criteria, the viewing time of your videos is also one, so the relevance of the content to the target is essential here for an effective search engine optimization. In this way you can not only directly attract potential customers on their website, at the same time you can improve their Google ranking.


SEO-optimized webdesign

A professional web design is the base to convince your customers. A good website mainly creates trust and is a sign of seriousness, which of course is the basis for a productive business relationship. Likewise, a well thought web design provides the basis on which a visitor or potential customer feels comfortable on your page.

All these factors define not only the positive experience of the customer, but also also increase your findability on the Internet, which is part of search engine optimization. Internal logic, page structure and content of the website has an enormous importance, both for the target group as well as for the evaluation of search engines such as Google.
Thus we mean by SEO-optimized webdesign all measures which are relevant to the set criteria and responsive to engines and audiences. Now you achieve the best results and increase the success of your web site. Thus we can advise you as to the appropriate measures which we can implement on your website.

As a full-service provider in this sector, we offer customized, integrated solutions to present you the best, so you can offer your customers a real added value. Please contact us – we look forward to welcoming you.


Google Jumpstart – be found with Google AdWords from the very beginning

A successful website can only achieve their full potential if it is found using a search engine such as Google. In order to improve the findability on the Internet, you can always rely on both on- and off site search engine optimization.

15 years ago, Google has established its own advertising system for this purpose: AdWords. Basically, these are ads that you can buy directly from Google and will only be displayed if the target audience searches for specific keywords. The aim of this paid ads is to be found optimally by the relevant target group, because the AdWords ads are very well positioned to draw much attention.
So you can put another filter as a company and minimize wastage – because a fundamental interest is generally required for viewers of such notice. You do not look for your customers, but they are looking for you.
The flexibility of payment (pay per view / pay per click), a full cost control and statistical analysis to measure the success of your campaigns are other benefits that are offered. Above all, it is of course important that you find the “right” keywords to launch a successful campaign.

To this end, we are happy to advise you.


Optimization of the social media presence for a successful interaction

A professional and effective corporate webpage also includes a sophisticated use of social media. Most noteworthy, especially Facebook, which offers through direct and timely communication with customers a whole new way to build trust and retain customers.

The successful use of social media involves a continuous updating, relevant for the target group content – it is useless if a large number people are liking your Facebook page but you do not fill your page with content. Because that, you can not attract the interest of the target group. Also off-topic “fans” are not useful because social media lives from the exchange between companies and customers. One can, for example, see Facebook or Twitter primarily as a feedback channel, where customers post their impression about a company. This transparency increases the reliability and above all the credibility of your company, therefore optimizing your presence in social media should be part of your business strategy.

We will advise you, and conceive with you and for you customized marketing campaigns, which we could implement directly. Benefit from our expertise we have built over the last 10 years, and talk to us – we look forward to welcoming you.



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Backlinks are indicating highly relevant page content to the search engines and are therefore key pillars of a successful and lasting effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Use our link building packages to make your website successful and popular.

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Together with our team of competent developers and designers, we advise you in the development of new sites or optimize your current webdesign by search engine optimization (SEO) technical criteria or apply its planning and implementation.

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Rely on the experts of the Agency SeoXT for social media optimization. We will review your activities in social networks such as for example Facebook, blogs, micro sites and forums and optimize them for an amazing discovery and interaction.

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